Whether you are a Lifegroup Leader, are in a Lifegroup or you are just looking for some good biblical teaching; please feel free to make use of the Lifegroup notes.

We have a wonderful Lifegroup Writing team who uses their gift of teaching and their love for the Word of God to produce insightful notes for each of our bi-monthly themes at King’s Church.

Running The Race: A Christian Life Run Well

Full Series on Running The Race – Lessons 1-5 – Click Here to Access

7 Pillars of Wisdom

Lesson 1 – The Fear of the Lord

Lesson 2 – The Word

Lesson 3 – The Spirit

Lesson 4 – Faith & Trust

Lesson 5 – Obedience

Lesson 6 – Patience & Perseverance

Lesson 7 – Prayer

Walking with Giants

Lesson – Lessons 1 to 6

Example Lesson 1 – Caleb

Example Lesson 4 – Jehoshaphat