Hi there!

I am so glad that you found us and I’d like to welcome you to where the happiest people on earth are!

We are ordinary people who have happened to have found the secret of abundant life. And we want to share the secret with everyone we meet.

We want you to know that at King’s Church, you are accepted from the outset. It doesn’t matter what your background is, where you come from, how much money you make or what you do. We don’t define you by those things but we do want you to know that we accept you. We are certainly not perfect but we work very hard to make sure you feel welcome. You are welcome to be apart of our family.

What is the secret of abundant life? Well, the Bible tells us in great detail but in short – Ultimately it’s not what we bring to the table that matters but what God has already brought to the table that really counts.

We believe that we have all have done wrong things in our life – and that’s bad, but God still loves us. He sent Jesus to make a pathway for us to come into a personal relationship with God. All we need to do is to respond to Him and put our lives on the table and say “Lord, I’ve done a fair job of messing up my life till now. I’d like to hand over my life to you to run.” He is very successful with doing that job.

Here at King’s Church, we are committed to helping people find Jesus for themselves and we also want to help people in all areas of their lives if we can – mainly by showing them how to trust God to help them.

If you’re new to the best city in the world – the Gold Coast and are looking for a wonderful church family, or are looking for a church to call home, why not visit us on Sunday? Our services are at 9:30 am and 5:00 pm. We also have a fantastic Kid’s church if you have children.

We would love to meet you personally and hear your story; maybe even over a coffee. Our Barista Lounge is open for coffees and light snacks 2 hours before each service. We look forward to meeting you!

God bless,
Gary Swenson

Our heart is for the family – the family of believers that comprises the body of Christ, the family that Jesus loves and for whom He will return.


Ps Bill Laver

Personal Formations Pastor

Ps Shirley Sykes

Head of Pastoral Care & Dream Team

Kylie Brown

Head of Growth Pathway

Ps Matt Treagus

Assistant Pastor - Pimpama & Head of Groups

Ps Kyal Cumming

Campus Pastor - Pimpama & Head of Sunday Services

Emily Christian

Personal Assistant to Pastor Gary Swenson

Sara Kennedy

Head of Finance